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Pelican Financial Network (PFN) has extracted the best from the career agent system and the brokerage system while eliminating the negatives. We cater to advanced markets for advanced producers and are completely dedicated to the advancement and support of top producers. PFN provides 3 of the essentials to succeed in the financial services business today.

  1. Service: Pelican provides outstanding service from the office that eliminates me from having to spend time getting all of the $10/hour work done. This allows you more time to sell and stay in touch with your clients.
  2. Technology: As a member of Pelican, you are always at the top of your game with technology and cutting edge selling ideas. You never have to worry about being behind in the market place.
  3. Products: Pelican offers the most competitive products available with competitive commission rates.


Who we are

Pelican Financial Network (PFN) is a network of independent, top producers (MDRT-level and above) who have banded together under one umbrella. We represent a new way of doing business – a hybrid distribution channel for insurance and investment professionals.


How we’re different

We believe that manufacturers do not and should not control distribution. We believe that our clients are just that – our clients, and not the manufacturer’s clients. PFN is 100% committed to doing everything we can to help you reach the next level.


How we can help

We have a very unique organization. We are a “boutique” producer group and can back up what we say. The only way you’ll ever know, though, is to tip your toe in the water. Give us a shot at your business and judge for yourself.